Four Awesome Uses of a Green Blob Underwater Fishing Light System

  1. Catch your own bait!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your own bait machine? Well, wonder no further! Just imagine yourself dipping a wide net into a horde of baitfish that are swimming ferociously around your green blob underwater fishing light. Take a look at any of our videos and you will see just how easy it would be to dip your net in and catch hundreds of bait fish. Literally, the green blob underwater fishing system supplies you with your very own pool of bait fish.

  1. Activate the Food Chain and Reel in the Big Fish!

How do green fishing lights work anyway??? SIMPLE! The Underwater Green Fishing Light attracts plankton. This, in turn, attracts tiny little fish that come to feast on this plankton. Then, you guessed it! Here comes the big fish to smack on the little ones. Makes perfect sense, right? And guess who’s got their rod hanging over the dock and/or boat reaping all of the benefits? That’s you, of course!

  1. Create your very own personal Aquarium!

Who would have ever thought sitting back with an ice cold beer and watching bass, snook, and all sorts of other predator fish swim through the masses of bait fish? You may even forget about fishing all together once you drop your light in the water because only after a minute you will find 3 tiny fish show up. Then 6 more. Then 20 more. Then 100 more! Soon, your boat or dock is being attacked by thousands upon thousands of bait fish! Then, the fun part comes. Big fish either gliding through slowly with their mouths open or swimming absolutely wild through the swarm! It’s honestly very fun and exciting to watch. You’ll never know what you see! From bass to gar, from snook to sharks, you never know what you’re gonna get!

  1. Use the Green Blob Underwater Fishing Light for Safety!

It isn’t just the plankton, the baitfish, and the predator fish that are attracted to our light. In fact, other boats can see our ultra-powerful light from a crazy distance away! This keeps the swimmers around your boat or dock as safe as they can be. The green light also helps younger or weaker swimmers from becoming disoriented or panicked while swimming at night. Guardians will be able to keep out a better eye on those they are supervising.